High School Reunion

I just found out that my 30 year high school reunion is in October.  Reunions themselves are nothing extraordinary .. every year countless people prepare for their reunions by dieting and by browsing through their high school yearbooks.  It’s seven months away, so why start the diet now?  Instead, I pulled out the yearbook.

 As I flipped through the pages of my youth, I just smiled.  Those people are frozen in time to me .. the jock, the brain, the princess.  But I was most taken back by one overarching theme – youth is beautiful.   I see the soft, smooth faces smiling back at me.  Some are filled with mischief and some are filled with a cocky confidence.  Others are struggling to appear cool.  But they are ALL attractive—even the so called geeks – if you look past their hair or their unfortunate glasses, they had nice faces.

 When I attend the reunion in October, will I be disappointed?  Will those previously youthful faces be filled with wrinkles?  Will those nubile bodies be layered with some fat?   Probably.  But I see those wrinkles as a sign of wisdom.  And those extra pounds?  Those reflect years of putting others first –and some good times along the way.  I wonder if my classmates are as wise and as generous as I am?

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1 Response to High School Reunion

  1. Julie Crain says:

    30 years – How can that be? Aren’t you like 35 years old? I find that my friends get more attractive the longer I know them. Yeah – youth definitely = beauty, but so do all those years of living.

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