Gary and Gail

Last November, I went on a cruise with my family, my brother’s family, and my mom. I have the good fortune of really liking my sister in law, Julie. In fact, all relations aside, I would choose her as a friend. Of our group, Julie and I are the most extroverted. We like to meet new people. We were in for quite a treat when we met Gary and Gail.

On one of our sea days, we decided to go to a formal Indonesian Tea Ceremony. This was held in a corner of the main dining room. As we entered the room, the staff escorted us to a table where an elderly couple was already seated. For our introverted husbands, this would have been doomsday .. forced to spend the next hour conversing with a couple of folks they didn’t know. Julie and I looked at this as an opportunity!

At first, Gary and Gail were polite – making basic conversation about where they were from, how much they traveled, etc. The waiter brought us coconut filled treats and exotic sandwiches. We learned of the many countries they have visited (Gail would touch Gary’s arm and say “now honey, we really liked New Zealand, didn’t we?”) More tea was served. The conversation flowed.

By the time the desserts were being passed around, we had learned that Gary and Gail were high school sweethearts. He asked her to marry him in high school – and she said no! They went on to marry other people. After being married for 30 years, Gail’s husband died. She was so sad – and to get her over her grief, Gail’s mother suggested that she call “that nice boy you dated in high school.” So – she got in touch with Gary. Fast forward to today – and they were – the cutest elderly couple you could ever meet – drinking tea and chatting with us.

My husband and I met at a New Year’s Eve party. That’s sort of nice, but not really an original story. In 30 years, will a younger couple find this endearing? Will they find it cute that we still can’t agree on who pursued who at the party? I’m not so sure, but hopefully they will at least be interested in the story.

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2 Responses to Gary and Gail

  1. Julie Crain says:

    Hey! I found it. So glad to see you here. You should also share your blog URL with your friends. I know they’d love to read your posts!

  2. Michelle says:

    How sweet is that

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