Breaking Up With My Hairdresser

I need to break up with my hairdresser. We have been seeing each other for five years. We get along really well. We like the same TV shows and we like the same sports teams. We have the same sense of humor. We have several friends in common. In short, we really enjoy each other’s company. But I haven’t had a good haircut in years.

I have been planning to break if off for a year. But we live in a small town. If I went somewhere else, she would know. I don’t want to hurt her feelings. She really does try to give me a good haircut, but I always leave vaguely dissatisfied. I have told her that I’m not always happy with the haircut and she really does try to fix things. It’s not working.

I was getting ready to make the break, but then my son’s hairdresser wasn’t available, so I took him to mine. To complicate things, he really liked his haircut. So, now I need to deal with his break up with his regular hairdresser (a friend of mine – whom I don’t go to for this very reason), and the fact that I am going to continue to get mediocre haircuts for the rest of my life. But my son looks great.

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5 Responses to Breaking Up With My Hairdresser

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh boy I feel your pain! I too had a friend cutting my hair for years and like you was not happy for a long time. Everyone I knew told me it’s business, she isn’t cutting your hair for free . . . tell her you just need a change. Hard to do but when and if you find someone else it will be worth it! Good luck 😉

  2. jhaworthoy says:

    Oh my, that has to be a difficult decision. At least your son will be satisfied with his haircuts. Jackie

  3. Julie Crain says:

    Breaking up is hard to do. But if you’re not happy in the relationship, you owe it to yourself to find a new hair partner! You can always hang out with your ex when Matthew gets his hair cut.

  4. jmjd says:

    Love how this sounded just like ending it with a lover, and I too have struggled with this. If you can follow Julie’s advice above, then you’re my hero.

  5. Kay Swenson says:

    I also live in a small town and need to break up with my gynecologist, who’s daughter has been dancing with mine since they were in preschool. Any advice?!!

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