First Class

DeltaFirstClass-1960sI have never flown first class on an airplane.  Heck, I haven’t even flown on business class.  But I am lucky enough to say that I have traveled a fair amount.  And every time that I make my way to the back of the plane, I wonder about who actually sits in first class – and I am reminded of a funny story that a friend told me.

Tom’s sister used to be a flight attendant.  As such, her entire family got to fly for free (this was in the 80’s … I have no idea how it works now).  Their only expense was that they had to pay the taxes (or something) on the seat.  Because it was so cheap, the family could afford to fly first class.

One day, Tom’s dad was sitting on the aisle in first class.  A guy walked by and tapped him on the shoulder and said “Hey buddy.  I was just wondering.  How much does it cost to fly in first class?”  Since Tom’s dad had only paid the taxes, he truthfully replied “I really don’t know.”  And before Tom’s dad could explain, the passenger laughed and walked on and said “Man, that’s rich!”

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5 Responses to First Class

  1. Julie Crain says:

    Hey! Nice picture! I already know this story, but you’ve written it beautifully.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Once, when living in South America, I got moved up to first class for a short trip (Medellin to Bogota, I think). I think the flight was overbooked, and I can;t remember why I got to move up, but the seats were great.

  3. elsie says:

    First class is living a dream, and it is a dream I’ve experienced a couple of times.(Note: I have never paid cash for this luxury.) Economy is becoming a nightmare which makes me want to drive rather than fly these days. I have used my airline miles (from a credit card) and I have taken a bump for over booked flights so to make up for it they put you in business class (sometimes). When I go to book flights, I sing the song “I Want to Be Rich.” but it hasn’t happened yet.

  4. jhaworthoy says:

    I have flown first class a few times by being bumped from a flight and then put in first class at a later time. How nice it was. I wonder now, if a lot of the people in first class are in similar situations…or like Tom’s dad…being related to an employee? Whatever…it is nice…but way to pricey for me. Jackie

  5. Kay Swenson says:

    I’ve never flown first class, but for the first time last year flew business class. It was dumpy and nothing great at all. Carroll said that it was unusual that it was that bad. I had noting to compare it to. I guess the downside to flying first class is that you have to get hit in the head by every numbskull walking past you to get to the back of the plane!

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