Boys and Cars

pontiacMy son recently got his Learners Permit.  This requires us to spend lots of time together as he learns to drive.  As I affectionately say, he is my errand boy this summer.  All this driving takes me back to a time when he was a little boy – and obsessed with cars.

By the age of 3, he could identify most types of cars.  We would walk through parking lots and he would say, out loud, the type of car that we passed… “Ford, Pontiac, Chevy, Honda…”  We would get sweet smiles from strangers as they observed this little boy’s concentration and obsession with the cars.

Matthew has always been very thoughtful.  One day, when he was about 3 years old, he proudly gave me a picture that he drew.  I looked at the wobbly lines and I reached the wrong conclusion.  I said “Oh honey, that is really nice.  Thank you for the heart.”  And he very seriously replied, “No, it’s a Pontiac.”

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4 Responses to Boys and Cars

  1. Raivenne says:

    A Pontiac! * Big grins* Oh you should have known then you had man with cars in heart on your hands. Sweet reminiscing. .

  2. marc-aureled says:

    I am having many of these sentimental flash backs lately too. My son is going to be a senior and as he takes steps towards independence, I find myself thinking back to small moments from when he was a little guy.

  3. elsie says:

    My husband was just like your boy. He has never grown out of his passion for cars. Sweet memory off your boy.

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