TGIF – Not Really?


TGIFTGIF .  Thank God It’s Friday … but really?  Whenever I hear that expression, I think of my dad.  He hated that expression.  His thought was … “if you are only happy that it’s Friday, then what about all the other amazing things that can happen on the other six days of the week??”

For years, I didn’t agree with him.  I wanted a break from the school week.  I wanted to have the weekend off from work.  But as I grew older, I realized that awesome things happen everyday.  I mean, my daughter was born on a Tuesday.  That was a pretty amazing day.  My son was born on a Monday.  Yay for Monday!  I got married on a Saturday.   I volunteer every Thursday with kitties.  I go out with friends on Wednesdays.  I’ve had vacations start on Sundays.  Lots of great things happen seven days a week.

I have inherited my dad’s optimism.  But I’m not so sure if I totally agree with his dislike of “TGIF” …  because every time I hear that expression, I think of my dad, and that’s pretty great.  So, whenever someone says TGIF, I smile and it’s misinterpreted as agreement.  But I’ll take it.  TGIF.  Thanks for the weekly reminder!

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1 Response to TGIF – Not Really?

  1. Julie Crain says:

    Yay! You’re back! TGIT

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