Good Decisions

crying girlIt seemed like a good decision at the time.  We were 8 years old.  We didn’t want to wake Alyson’s sleeping dad.  That made perfect sense to me.  So, I walked home – five blocks – crying and clutching my arm.

I got home and my mom sprang into action.  She supported my arm with a curled up magazine and then my parents took me to the emergency room.  A broken arm – the result of falling off a swing set.

Forty two years later (42!!) I was back in touch with Alyson and she apologized for sending me home with a broken arm.  She has felt bad for 42 years!  I didn’t feel bad at all – the arm healed up nicely and it was a pretty funny story.  I’m glad we got back in touch so we cleared that up!


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2 Responses to Good Decisions

  1. Julie Crain says:

    I’m glad you got this story in writing! You were one tough kid!

  2. Ramona says:

    Wow! This is why SOL writing is important. Swing set stories deserve to be recorded and shared, especially this one that shows your tenacity and grit. Glad you were able to visit with Alyson recently.

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