The Eye of the Beholder

dance party

Sometimes misunderstandings work out for the best.

It was midnight.  We were sweaty from all the dancing.  We had had a few drinks as we enjoyed the nightlife on our last night of a cruise.  We usually preferred the quieter spots on the ship and participated in trivia or had drinks by the pool.  But this was our last night – so, what the heck, we branched out and decided to check out the Crows Nest.

There were three of us – myself, my brother, and his wife.  My husband and my kids had gone to bed early.  At first we were a little uncomfortable — everyone seemed so young and we hadn’t been to a nightclub in years.  I felt like everyone was looking at us (we later found out that they were!).  But everyone’s friendliness won us over.  Julie and I danced with my brother at the same time- and for some reason, people kept high fiving my brother.  Before long, we were dancing with other people.  Several of our fellow dance partners bought us drinks.  We noted that the people on this ship were so friendly!

The next morning, bleary eyed and a bit hungover, we looked back on the schedule of events from the previous day – and we saw that we had mistakenly chosen to attend a singles/meet and greet event.  Oops!  We had been fresh faces on the singles scene …   and that explained a few things!



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2 Responses to The Eye of the Beholder

  1. Julie says:

    That was one of the funnest cruise moments ever!

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