Cat Obsession

My cat is obsessed with me. I suppose it’s sort of sweet, but it’s a bit overwhelming. I am her world. She starts off each day by very enthusiastically greeting me minutes before my alarm goes off (HOW does she know how to tell time?). As brilliant as she is with telling time, she is clueless about the days of the week – weekends mean nothing to her, and therefore I am greeted just as early on Saturdays and on Sundays.

Every day it’s the same. She sits on top of me and stares at me and meows and purrs. She is so excited to begin the day with me. After I get up, she bounds into the bathroom to watch me brush my teeth. She sits on the tub and stares at me when I use the bathroom. She jumps back onto the bed to wait for me to get dressed. She then runs to my son’s room. (on school mornings, his room is my next stop).

Once downstairs, she is quite demanding. I have to do things in a certain order. I must first open the blinds, and then I must feed her. If I do this out of order, she complains. After our morning routine is complete, she happily settles into a nap, content knowing that her life is exactly the same each day.

My family tells me that she cries when I leave. When I get home, she complains to me that I was gone. She alternates between purring and meowing. She demands to be played with or to be petted. I have asked her to please ask another family member for attention, but she refuses. Obviously, she is needy. But it’s sweet. It’s cute to see this little fur ball have so much emotion. And I must admit, I’m a bit flattered by her obsession with me. I mean, no one else in my family is that excited to see me each day.

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5 Responses to Cat Obsession

  1. arjeha says:

    Love this post. I also had a cat that was my alarm clock for years…even on weekends. I would be lost without my fur babies.

  2. It must be nice to be so unconditionally loved even if a little inconvenient on the weekends.

  3. elsie says:

    You are her world. I love your final sentence. It’s nice to be appreciated.

  4. jhaworthoy says:

    Oh how this brings back memories of my kitties. You are lucky that your kitty has chosen you. My mother had a cat who had a routine where he would start taking the picks out of her curlers (long time ago when curling your hair required sleeping in painful curlers)….once he began that, he knew she would be up and at his service. Cats are so funny…I love them. Jackie

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